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Cerin Amroth

The Aragorn/Arwen Shippers Community

Cerin Amroth: An Aragorn/Arwen Shippers Community


They went to the fair hill, Cerin Amroth, in the midst of the land, and they walked unshod on the undying grass with elanor and niphredil about their feet. And there upon that hill they looked east to the Shadow and west to the Twilight, and they plighted their troth and were glad.

--'Appendix A, The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen'


Arwen: I choose a mortal life.
Aragorn: You cannot give me this.
Arwen: It is mine to give to whom I will. Like my heart.

--from the movie 'The Fellowship of the Ring'


And she stood then as still as a white tree, looking into the West, and at last she said: "I will cleave to you, Dúnadan, and turn from the Twilight."

--Arwen, 'Appendix A, The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen'


Arwen: Go to sleep.
Aragorn: I am asleep. This is a dream.
Arwen: Then it is a good dream.

--from the movie 'The Two Towers'


Then Aragorn was abashed, for he saw the elven-light in her eyes and the wisdom of many days; yet from that hour he loved Arwen Undómiel daughter of Elrond.

--'Appendix A, The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen'


'Arwen vanimelda namárië! he said, and then he drew breath, and returning out of his thought he looked at Frodo and smiled.


And taking Frodo's hand in his, he left the hill of Cerin Amroth and came there never again as living man.'

--Of Aragorn, 'The Lord of the Rings' by JRR Tolkien


Arwen: Do you remember when we first met?
Aragorn: I thought I had wandered into a dream.
Arwen: Long years have passed. You did not have the cares you carry now. Do you remember what I told you?
Aragorn: You said you'd bind yourself to me, forsaking the immortal life of your people.
Arwen: And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.

--from the movie 'The Fellowship of the Ring'




April 29th, 2009

A friend of mine sent out a link to the page with the trailers for the new fan movie "The Hunt For Gollum" and it looks awesome!


The blog link is here:


Dunno anything about it except what I read and saw online. The word is it's made by fans for fans, and will be released online May 3. Judging by the teasers and trailers it's going to be good. And even if it isn't professional quality, what do people want? It's a FAN production: a labor of love. Woohoo!

October 20th, 2008

Title: October Morn
Author: just_ann_now
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, merely borrowed.
Author's Note:A birthday gift for the lovely isha_libran. Happy birthday!

October MornCollapse )

September 28th, 2008


got | winter dany
9 Lord of the Rings
10 Harry Potter
16 Stock
15 Gossip Girl
7 Narnia
17 America's Next Top Model
14 Rome
8 Keira Knightley
8 Emilie de Ravin


Click here!

May 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

got | winter dany
9 The Golden Compass
19 Stock
10 Lord of the Rings
15 Twilight
6 The Other Boleyn Girl
6 Tamora Pierce - Keladry and Shinkokami
8 Harry Potter
7 A Great and Terrible Beauty - Gemma (minor TSFT spoilers, there's a couple quotes from the book)
2 Helena Bonham-Carter


Over here!

August 16th, 2007

a new icon contest belonging to the beautiful lord of the rings ladies!

join :]

lotrladicontest lotrladicontest lotrladicontest

June 25th, 2007

Night of Love

Ginger Boys
have written a ficlet to celebrate Aragorn and Arwen's wedding day rated T.

You can read it at





I am not a romance writer but cannot resist marking Aragorn and Arwen's special day.

May 19th, 2007

Death of Hope

Ginger Boys
The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.


Tissue warning

Death of Hope

I always knew this dreaded day would come. Yet nothing could prepare me for it. I pleaded with him to stay, much to my shame. Would it have been easier if I had watched him growing ever weaker, losing everything that made him the man he was? I know not.

He departed with such courage, full of hope, my Estel to his last breath.
Is this the true Gift of Men that more than memories await?

Even in death his glory was not diminished.

I feel half of my spirit departed with him. I am left but a walking shadow.

March 25th, 2007

Written for the "There and Back Challenge"
With grateful thanks to Raksha.

The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate.

Soaring to the Stars

He kissed her. At first tenderly, almost as if he feared she might break; then with increasing ardour when she responded with a passion equal to his own.

His arms entwined around her. She nestled into his embrace, revelling in his arms both gentle and strong. Lovingly, he stroked her tender skin.

“Arwen, vanimelda!” he whispered, his voice husky with desire.

Gladly she surrendered, giving her all and in giving; receiving bliss.

She had anticipated this moment for so long, but could never have imagined its sheer rapture. Soaring to the stars visiting Varda's domain could not bring more joy.

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